Breadcrumbs Towards Enlightenment🤔

“Make this year your year to shine” -ALBT

   About 5 years ago I was a stay-at-home mother of three young children (too young to start school yet and two still in diapers 🤪) Daycare was way too expensive for a single income family of 5 to warrant me going out and finding a job without it actually costing us money for me to work too. So,  I stayed home with my babies while my husband went to work everyday. Which was fine with me anyhow. I was blessed to have the choice to stay with my children everyday and capture every moment in those early years. There were times when I would wish I could go back to work. Although, at the end of the day I didn’t really want a daycare teacher to tell me my 3 year old daughter wrote her name for the first time, my 1 year old son learned to run without falling, or that my infant baby boy learned to hold his head up a little longer than he had already. No way! They are my babies and I’m greedy when it comes to soaking up all those special moments. Hey, they only come once, right?🤗😇jordan-whitt-54480-unsplash

           One day, while searching Pinterest for hobbies and crafts to do with the kids to keep them from a total boredom meltdown. I had, what I would now call, a Divine Breadcrumb or a spark of inspiration from my higher self. See, back then, I didn’t have any idea that the higher self was a real thing or that I even had one at all. All I thought was the ideas I had were just thoughts. Simple ramblings of a very bored uninspired Mommy and nothing else. I really needed a hobby of some kind! 🤤 
That’s what brought me to Pinterest to begin with. So, I’m searching for activities for my children and I to do, and I stumbled across a few posts about natural stones, minerals, and crystals having qualities that would actually help your life in specific physical and emotional ways!🤯Wait what?🤔Really, could this actually be true?🤔sara-johnston-1262666-unsplash

    I’ve always had a curiosity about the metaphysical element of this world (more about that journey in a later post) but, I had suppressed it long ago.  At least, I thought I  suppressed it.  Well, while I was pregnant with each of my children that curiosity began to grow rapidly into actively doing some research and a lot of reading on a multitude of topics. Then life got busy.  Before knew it I had three babies back to back  so my studies took a backseat for a while. Now though, it was like I was constantly being reminded of that curiosity the more I sat and observed my children playing and noticing that child like innocence we all started this life with and naturally that curiosity had been piqued once again upon discovering Pinterest. brooke-lark-609899-unsplash         So, at the sight of these posts about natural elements having supernatural powers I was once again geared up to learn more. LOTS more!
Well if you’ve ever been on the Pinterest website or the app then, you can probably relate pretty well to the trail of “breadcrumbs” you can get lost in by following one post to the ever tempting, “more like this” section underneath.In emoji language you end up something like this during the whole process…..🤔🤗😍🤤.Am I right?Ok, all jokes aside.    I began following those “breadcrumbs” and getting lost for hours down one rabbit hole to the next just absorbing all the information I could on just about any metaphysical subject I could find. I was truly in a world of fantastical wonderment and possibilities now! The best part of all was my amazing husband,  his ancestors were psychics, tarot readers, and intuitive’s of all kinds, so he totally understood. He supported my every idea and empowered me to learn more. He even bought me, for my birthday, my first metaphysical books on crystal and herb identification, a mortar and pestle (for grinding fresh herbs into powder) and, my first set of tarot cards 😍 complete with the study guide and an embroidered velvet mat for pendulum and scrying divination work!🤯 So, to say he was very supportive of my wanting to gain more knowledge is a total understatement. 🤗mayur-gala-487-unsplash
So, I studied and absorbed anything and everything I could on any esoteric subject there was from Buddhism to Greek mythology, back to Native American traditions, and Hinduism and so on. All while taking the kids outside to search for our “magic” stones or rocks of any kind around the area. We lived on a Limestone dead End Road where we didn’t have a lot of traffic which was great for me and three small children to walk around the edges of the road searching for rocks.😁 Florida is not known for its abundance of any of the major types of semi-precious stones so, Limestone is about as good as it gets for rock hounding in your back yard. I remained hopeful and I really just wanted something to do with the kids during the mornings before lunch and nap time, and this was a great way to  let them get a tired out for the dreaded nap time they hated. 😝jason-leung-1317390-unsplash

    One particularly stressful week we hadn’t gotten outside as much as usual, resulting in my kids and myself feeling quite caged up. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t sympathetic in the slightest way to our plight. 😪 This meant Mommy had to think of something quick or that previously mentioned boredom meltdown would be imminent and likely cause mass destruction. ………………….😲🤪🤔💡 I had it!That great idea that, unforeseen at the time, would end up being the beginning of my spiritual path, was about to begin unfolding before my eyes.
    “Hey kids, how about we take all the rocks we’ve been collecting and clean them up and get them ready to go into the Rock tumbler, that your grandma just gave us!?”
Well, this was answered with the expected enthusiastic squeals of excitement. Expected, only because Mommy sounded excited about it so it must be fun.
“That sounds awesome Mommy!” this from my then 4 year old daughter. Naturally, being the oldest of the three, she knew just how to get her little brothers into helping out too!
“Hey boys! Mom is gonna let us play with water and rocks in the HOUSE!”Ok, maybe I needed to rethink this plan a second……..?😲No, no, no, take a deep breath, you can do this Mommy. Those were the coaching thoughts in my mind. Now thinking about it in hindsight and with the knowledge I’ve gained since, I’m sure they were my Divine yet subtle encouragements from “above” leading me with those “breadcrumbs” once again.josh-calabrese-146257-unsplash

    We spent a couple weeks tumbling stones we had found and waited and waited and waited some more. My bright idea didn’t turn out to be as entertaining for the kids as I’d hoped it would. 😲Apparently rock tumbling is not a fast process. Who knew? 🤪 There are a minimum of 3 stages that you have to tumble stones through and each stage has to run minimum of a week. About three weeks later though we had a small collection of hand sourced and beautifully polished smooth stones.jarren-simmons-37880-unsplash

     Sooo, now what do we do with them right? Well that part is what made history for me. My daughter and I began looking up how to make jewelry out of tumbled stones. We thoroughly enjoyed it too. One thing led to another and my obsession began with mastering the skill of wire wrapping. Eventually creating so many beautiful pieces each unique for it’s combination of crystals used and wrapping style. I had necklaces for every mood and life event I could think of. One for strength, one for peace, one for prosperity, even one for weight loss and depression. This list went on and on. That’s where my amazing husband comes in once again to lift me higher and higher. 😍 He snuck out that morning for work with a couple of my already finished necklaces without me knowing. Well, he came home later that evening with the biggest smile I’ve seen him have since our children were born. 

All jewelry pictured in this blog and more available by clicking here

He kept saying “Hey baby…… stop what you’re doing for one second please I’ve got something to tell you!” He was like a kid that just won the highest score at the arcade. 😂”He was just too adorable to ignore. So, I put down the laundry basket and said “ok hunny what is so important that you can’t sit still?”That’s when he admitted that he took a few necklaces that morning. Looking totally sheepish like a kid caught stealing cookies, he went on to explain that he’d stopped at a local novelty gift shop and talked to the owner about carrying some of my handmade jewelry pieces and she was actually thrilled to buy a few and see how they do. Possibly a larger order next month! I finally realized the gravity of what he was saying, I near fainted right where I stood. Oh my goodness is this really happening to me? I jumped up and wrapped my whole body around him in a giant hug and screamed with pure joy! So, A Little Bit Twizted was born that beautiful day in 2015. All because I followed a few little “Divine breadcrumbs”😘cropped-IMG_20160411_232618_886-2.jpg

     This was the beginning of a beautiful adventure into learning to trust the Universe is listening and waiting for each of us to send out our intentions. Now that I’ve learned to manifest miracles in my life. I’m now ready to share my journey and the knowledge I’ve learned this far, with you all. By miracles I mean not only my children and wonderful husband but, my now newly found opportunity to have my own Jewelry business!! It began as a simple idea to entertain my children and has evolved into a wonderfully unique wire wrapping talent that tells a story within each piece. Through making my jewelry I have learned that I’m an empath, I’m highly intuitive, and even that I’m clairaudient! Meaning, I can hear messages from the other side of the veil rather than when someone is clairvoyant meaning they can see on either side of the veil.IMG_20190123_102746_832

“All things are possible as long as you believe they are” -ALBT

So now it is my goal to start this blog to share six years worth of research and study into metaphysical and esoteric realms of the Universe. I would love nothing more then to help guide others to find their path to self-discovery. I have had a wonderful past 6 years since my first enlightened experience I have found talent I never knew I had, found serenity and peaceful energy amidst all the chaos in the world, and  now I want nothing more than to pass that wonderful feeling to the rest of the world!!  So, if you’d like to sign up for the newsletter, follow me on social media and who knows maybe I’ll even start a vlog on YouTube soon 😘 2019 is the year that I put aside all my fears and doubt and jump head-first into this life! I’m putting all of my trust, faith, and love in the Universe to guide me where I’m needed and to help those in need of assistance, educate those craving more knowledge, and just be a friend to those needing a shoulder to cry on or a motivational word to boost them up. So now it’s time to ask yourself do I want to join this Wild Ride with her and learn a few things, share a few laughs, maybe even shed a few tears? Above all do you want to find a community of like-minded people that are all searching for answers just like you? Come join us and we can find those answers together!!
Blessed be my friends,
with love and light,
Lauren “Willow” Hawk
Namaste 🌛🌝🌜

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