Empowered Woman! 💪

“I am you. See?”-Marie

Originally Written by Marie ❤️

Transcribed and amended by Lauren ❤️


Fiery sunset background with silhouette of sexy wild woman sitting backwards in a chair with her back arched and her face turned upwards.
Property of VISIONS Photography

“What I do… is this. I am a photographer. I am a graphic designer, I am an artist and I am a woman. I take intimate portraits of other women and I call it “Boudoir” Because that is what it is called in our society, but truthfully none of these labels satisfy my desire to explain to the world what I DO.

Property of upsplash.com

I do photograph women..but really, I SEE THEM. I do not touch up these images so they can be like everyone else on the magazine covers… I enhance the images to fade away what the world has told them is not beauty so that they can see what others see, without their own judgmental filters. I SEE immense beauty in EVERY WOMAN and my truest desire is to SHOW THEM, and the world, the beauty within. I prefer a “sexual” energetic foundation… meaning, my platform is based on sexual energy but it isn’t always sexual in nature.

Property of unsplash.com

The best word for the tool I like to use to reveal this incredible energy I see IN EVERY WOMAN is VULNERABILITY. When someone is vulnerable, they expose their humanity. Their raw feminine essence. Vulnerable doesn’t mean weak… it means purposely exposed and it doesn’t always come in a sexual energy. Sometimes it’s powerful tears that show the pain we hold and we are willing to reveal. Sometimes it means scars. Scars we fear the world will judge, but we show one another for that human connection…”YOU SEE ME? YOU SEE THEM? I AM THE SAME, YOU SEE?”

Property of unsplash.com

What I am sharing, of myself, and my talents, is not just for the purpose of making money but for the purpose of igniting my own FIRE and the fire within the feminine hearts. I burn with a passion that longs to show other women their beauty through art. I bounce out of bed with excitement to show the world what I SEE. What I wish the world could see too. I am not just a photographer, graphic designer or artist. I am a human being, a woman, excited to know that we are all so much more than these labels.

We are beautiful.


Property of unsplash.com

What most women don’t realize is we all have strength. We all have unparalleled beauty unlike any other. We are bombarded every single day with images of women who appear to be completely flawless. Though, I sincerely hope now that we’ve all experienced the use of SnapChat and Instagram and Facebook photo filters, we can now see that with a little creative camera assistance we all look flawless. I’m here to say that no one woman is flawless because our flaws are what make us beautiful. Without them we would all be generic cookie cutter women. I don’t know about you but I love my flaws and inconsistencies because they are what make me a completely unique and powerful woman!!💪

Property of upsplash.com

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