Today is the day to let it go. Let go of any pain, any regrets, any remorse, any people that serve you no purpose. Ask today for what your dreams are leading you to. Pray today for change if that is what you long for. Today, if never before, know that you are made from the stars. Today, if you never have remembered, know that you are powerful. So many long for peace… today be peaceful. There is no us and them. There is no tomorrow or yesterday. There is no fight that we must win other than the fights within our souls. The change you want starts and ends in you. Not outside of you. Today break free of the illusions that we voluntarily perpetuate. Today…. if never before or if never again.. search your soul and find the universe within you. You are the magic. You are the changes you long for. You are the dream you’ve been running after. The time is now and today the light in the sky will show you the light within yourself. Look up. Look in.

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